The phytosterols found in various foods helps in weight loss

The phytosterols found in various foods, which include seafood, peas, nuts, seeds (in particular, sesame seeds and sunflower) and untreated whole grains. Nutritional supplements for the body of a person suffering from HIV infection. When it comes to human health, vitamin and mineral supplements are not a mandatory part of a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. Many foods contain the number and combination of trace elements beneficial to health, which is simply not found in any one vitamin tablets and pills.

At the same time various multivitamin and multimineral complexes can be very useful when it comes to patients with human immunodeficiency virus. The reason for this, as mentioned above, is that the requirements of vitamins and mineral substances, in this case increase considerably. However, the intake of various vitamins and mineral supplements must adhere to the following rules:•

Take a multivitamin should be only on a full stomach, that is, after a meal.•    Usually much better to take a multivitamin and mineral pill a day, rather than taking a few pills containing these trace elements separately.Treatment of obesity – Operation to get rid of extra pounds not only helps to become slimmer, but also helps to improve memory and concentration.

The study included people suffering from obesity, while tested their mental abilities. On average, it was found that their memory and concentration slightly below normal. At 12 weeks after surgery, the participants showed a much better results.